Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life away?

I believe that self-improvement is a very important notion that anyone should have. In fact, together with certain qualities like: Dedication to your endeavors; Persistence in enduring difficulty; Patience in learning; and Always constantly striving for excellence in the things that you do  I believe that with these qualities, achieving success has never been easier or to put … Continue reading Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life away?


A Relationship is like a Gamble

I often find myself asking, "Is being in a relationship actually necessary?" to myself and a few others. Relationship here refers to an intimate relationship rather than friendship if you haven't already noticed — although "many close friendships begin with romantic feelings, and we don't like to admit it." I've always been curious about this, yet I … Continue reading A Relationship is like a Gamble

The Quality of Open-Mindedness

Open-Mindedness is the most important quality for a person. Right about now, if you oppose to that statement so vehemently, it pretty much shows how open-minded you actually are. How open-minded you are, however, isn't about whether you agree with the said statement or you blatantly disagree, it is more about receptiveness and acceptance; being receptive … Continue reading The Quality of Open-Mindedness