The Meaning to Everything

I'm just kidding. I don't have an answer to this question, and I'm sure no one does. However, I came up with a plausible conjecture, one that is a mesh of many different reads. And after reading this, hopefully, it might even provoke you to think for yourself.  There simply isn't any inherent meaning to things. This thought … Continue reading The Meaning to Everything



As we live each and every day following a more-or-less routine order—waking, fumbling, doing, eating, bathing, and finally back to sleeping—we inadvertently fall into the pit of taking things for granted. As we successfully live each and every day, unscathed by any significantly dismal news, untouched by the mildly captivating gossips, and unreminded of how short life actually is, … Continue reading Gratitude?


We, humans, are like sheep. On many occasions, we are bound to find ourselves blindly following false beliefs, setting unattainable goals or even, seeking the impossible perfection — and if we do so, like the cluelessly meek sheep, we will soon find ourselves in the slaughterhouse, with nowhere out from the impending demise. Too, when … Continue reading Lost