Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your life away?

I believe that self-improvement is a very important notion that anyone should have. In fact, together with certain qualities like:

  1. Dedication to your endeavors;
  2. Persistence in enduring difficulty;
  3. Patience in learning; and
  4. Always constantly striving for excellence in the things that you do

 I believe that with these qualities, achieving success has never been easier or to put it in probability term, almost surely.

    I truly and honestly believe so. And having been sold totally to this notion of constant self-improvement — and also because life is already short enough, it is even more so important to be improving everyday, be it small improvement from reading a book, to big improvement from attending seminars and classes — I believed that if one was not improving, they are wasting away their already-short-life and have no use for being alive. That was how drastic or unreasonably extreme my perception was.

    So, after sharing this belief with a close friend of mine, and as a believer in Christ, he suggested with good intentions that I was wrong to think so. He told me that it was their lives and they themselves are responsible and have the right to choose what lives they led (i.e. I have no reason for being so overly concerned about how they led their lives or how useful they are to the society). ‘To each his own’, that was what I preached about before and I’m truly ashamed that I decided to contradict my own principles but sometimes — or recently, most of the time — I can’t help but feel how useless some people are as I see them drink and party away their lives. (I guess you can say that when they drink they are improving their alcohol tolerance, or when they party they improve their social skills? But I call bull on that if you tell me so.)

    He also told me, if I feel so strongly about how useful people are to the society, I should do something about it or “make a change,” he said. True, if I were to feel so strongly about that, I should do something about them. But truth be told, I’m not and I really don’t give two shits about how some people end up wasting their lives. And just because I feel that my life should be lived a certain way doesn’t mean I should impose the same standards upon the lesser beings (just kidding); and to that, I am sorry to everyone that I felt was useless.

    If I had a say in people’s lives, I would just tell them, “Find what you love and find what you enjoy doing — and do that.”

    P.S. Oh and I’m not implying rest is not needed—of course it is! 


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